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REFILL 50% OFF Face & Body Butters


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REFILL 50% OFF  Face & Body Butters

Important Notice:
We send refills in ONE jar to reduce waste unless otherwise specified.. eg. If someone orders 5 refills they get a larger jar that will hold the quantity of 5 refills the reason we do our 50% refills is not for profit, it is to recycle and reduce waste. As we are a green company and have been since the day we started.♻️✅

Our Green program allows you to have 50% off after a one time purchase of your favourite Signature Face & Body Butter or Cocoa & Shea+ Face & Body Butter (make sure to choose the right one). Add the quantity of refills you'd like right into your shopping cart, we use reusable Mason jars to ship out your refills, & when it arrives you simply fill up your Bamboo Jar. Go Green & Save forever! 

Only available if you have previously ordered our Large Signature Face & Body Butter or Large Cocoa Shea+. 

Important Notice:
Our Signature Face & Body butter & Cocoa Shea+ Face & Body Butter. Zero heat process, no chemicals, no preservatives, cold pressed, 100% unrefined.. 10000% quality every time. The beauty of this type of non processing is that every single batch has a truly DIFFERENT texture, always the same process and same ingredients but because we NEVER heat or compromise the Shea this means we can get Shea grains, Shea chunks and all kinds of natural things occur.. but that's what we always prefer because we don't want to lose any VITAMINS & MINERALS from the Shea melting and heating means you lose vitamin & mineral value but you can get an even texture every time... We don't worry about texture we worry about the results & benefits each batch has. To get a desirable texture we whip whip whip... 100% hand made every time, hand packaged and 100% unrefined, gluten free, Vegan, All natural, Organic, Fair trade, cold process. 100% REAL.

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