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About us

Hi! It’s me, Ariia, founder of Tru-Green Organics. I found it funny to write our About page in third person because I’ve always been proud of the fact that we’re a small business. So no need pretending like it isn’t me writing all our descriptions, captions and responses! And besides, I’m used to telling the story of Tru-Green Organics this way anyways.

I’ve always understood the importance of putting natural quality ingredients into and onto my body. I started making my own skin and hair products out of herbs and oils in my teens and continued casually until my first pregnancy. I’m sure any mothers reading this will understand when I say that you really start to think differently when you become a mom. One of my (obsessive) concerns was that the things I was eating and absorbing were going to my child as well and therefore needed to be the best I could provide.

Luckily, my medical and science background helped me make informed decisions about ingredients, chemical and otherwise. Countless hours of research, messes, and testing brought to life my first product, the Signature Face & Body Butter. I was and still am so proud of it! I confidently rubbed this formula on my tummy and it fought my stretch marks while keeping my skin healthy, hydrated and smelling delicious. But even better, I knew exactly what ingredients were inside and where they came from. I knew that they were all organic, fair-trade, locally-sourced and vegan with no chemicals, gluten or grain.

It was with that peace of mind that I started extending this certainty and quality through my Signature Face & Body Butter to my friends and family — their response was astounding. The love and belief they had in my mission for clean, green and sustainable beauty is what keeps me innovating new formulas to this day. They too had experienced the frustration of buying Big Box that claim to have these helpful ingredients but they weren’t seeing the results. A pet peeve of mine in that the beauty industry uses key words that manipulate the consumer into thinking they’re getting the best product, when in actuality most of the mainstream brands are made and manufactured in unknown overseas factories with poor health conditions.

Since then, I’ve expanded my line but always kept that ‘made for my baby’ standard in every product. I’m proud to say all products are still made in-house, in Canada, with ECOCERT, vegan, organic, fair-trade and cruelty-free ingredients, as they always have been. I even manufacture my own ingredients from home grown herbs and botanicals straight from my garden to your hands.

I hope that you find what you love in Tru-Green Organics & are inspired to live a healthy, natural & green lifestyle!

With love,

Ariia Bella-Rose Perouzii



At Tru-Green Organics we believe that respectful treatment of our world is as important as the respectful treatment of our customers. That's why all of Tru-Green Organics products are hand made using only 100% organic, 100% fair trade ingredients.



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