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About us

Tru-Green Organics is a Canadian based small family owned and operated business. Ceo & Founder Bahare "Bee" Pirouzi started this company after her hand made products were being desired by friends and family. She has been making her own skin & hair products since she was in her early teens. Nearly 18 years. She drew a lot of her inspiration from her European and Middle Eastern decent, respecting nature embracing herbs, spices, greens and organic plant based materials to utilize and prepare for beauty without any harmful chemicals and preservatives. Drawing so much inspiration from the thriving farmers markets of Europe on her travels embracing all cultures and creeds she truly loves embracing life in her products. Nature has always been a part of her life growing up in the rural country her friends were mostly nature & animals her parents had on their small family owned hobby farm. Years later her and her husband were blessed with pregnancy Bahare became even more aware of what was going into her body, now not only was her body being effected but she was carrying a child who was absorbing everything she put on her body. She was also a model who had a lot of pressure to stay trim avoid stretch marks and keep healthy during her pregnancy. She quickly started to research try, formulate, and this is the birth of the Signature Face & Body Butter. Tremendous amounts of research natural testing on herself family and friends, she formulated a miracle cream that would combat everything from stretch marks, eczema, cellulite, fine lines etc! The best part about her formulation? It is all natural with absolutely no harmful chemicals almost good enough to eat. Since then her line of Organic, Natural, Vegan, Cruelty free, fair trade, gluten free, hand made products has grown. She truly believes that nothing will enter into her market unless it is absolutely perfect to her high standards. Tru-Green Organics is a lifestyle brand hand made in London Ontario Canada, sourced from the best all natural ingredients found locally or in Canada to the best of Bahare's ability to source. Her All natural organic raw Shea is sourced from Africa from an organization that is helping women in Africa thrive by creating real jobs with real wages, fair trade is a bit more pricey but it's 110% ethical and Bahare would rather pay an honest price for honest products. She will not ever cut any corners for cheap production. Her target market is the conscious consumers the type of people who embrace life & believe that quality is the number one thing that should go into or onto your body. In Bahare's words "Our skin is our largest organ and we need to treat it with all the respect it deserves, everything that we put onto our skin truly does enter into our blood stream and effect us on a higher level then we would like to believe. We are blessed with one life, and we should embrace it & respect it to the highest degree." We hope that you find what you love in Tru-Green Organics & are inspired to live a healthy natural & green lifestyle! Thank you to our lovely #TruGreenies for believing in the power of Mother Nature!



At Tru-Green Organics we believe that respectful treatment of our world is as important as the respectful treatment of our customers. That's why all of Tru-Green Organics products are hand made using only 100% organic, 100% fair trade ingredients.




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